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ABA Therapy
It is used in the treatment of special needs as an approach to enhance skills, reduce problem behaviors, and introduce replacement behaviors. At Shaping Change, services are provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Board Certified associate Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), and behavior therapists.
We provide consulting services to schools, clinics and businesses who wish to use behavior analytic principles in their organizations. In the school and clinic settings, ABA is used to enhance learning and track progress. In the business settings, ABA is used to increase motivation, productivity, efficiency and group cohesiveness.
Family Sessions
Family sessions give families the time they need to discuss concerns, difficulties, strengths and goals. Sometimes it is difficult to remember the crucial role families play in the treatment, and we want to make sure everyone has the needed support. We believe families are the experts in their own lives and want to make this time theirs for what they need. These sessions are separate from the individual’s therapy time to ensure the family receives time dedicated to their needs.
Hypnotherapy invites individuals into guided relaxation and concentration, which increases awareness to achieve a trance-like state. It opens the doors to create subconscious change in individuals. These changes can occur in thoughts, behaviors, responses, attitudes, or feelings.
Occupational Therapy
Focuses on enabling individuals to participate at their highest potential in daily activities. Therapy focuses on independence with self-care tasks, increased participation in home, school, and community activities, and living life to the fullest. Intervention can include sensory regulation, sensory modulation, fine motor coordination, gross motor coordination, visual motor integration, family education, and environmental adaptations to increase independence for engagement in daily living tasks
Social Skills
Our social skills groups are geared towards the development and maintenance of peer relationships. They focus on helping the individuals make and keep friends, as well as initiation skills, response skills, and non-verbal communication. These groups foster greater communication skills in a group environment, in addition to facilitating adaptation to changes. Individuals will be placed in groups based on age.
Speech Therapy
Coming soon!
For professionals – Focuses on the basic principles of ABA, managing challenging behaviors, increasing motivation and many more topics.

For parents – Parents spend the most time with the children we work with. What better to enhance the therapeutic relationship, as well as the effectiveness of all therapies, than by teaching parents.

Professional Crisis Management (PCM) – Uses safe, ethical and effective techniques to manage crisis behaviors. Our certified PCM instructors provide crisis management courses to professionals and families in need.

Tutoring services enhance the learning of typically developing children and adolescents, as well as that of children with special needs. The tutoring programs incorporate behavior analysis principles, while focusing on academics. This will aid in the development of good study skills and independence.

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Thank you for considering Shaping Change. We appreciate that you have taken the time to reach out to us and we look forward to working with you. Please fill out the Intake Form.

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Thank you for considering Shaping Change. We appreciate that you have taken the time to reach out to us and we look forward to working with you. Please fill out the Intake Form.

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