A Failed Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

The behavior plan. It’s a personalized playbook for parents. Like a football coach, your playbook has a detailed plan for success. It provides an offensive and defensive plan of attack. What if plan A fails? Worry not, there’s a plan B.

But just like a football coach you won’t win every time.

“Special Books by Special Kids”

We’ve all had that one teacher that stood out more than any other. Maybe it was their kindness and generosity, or maybe it was the way they made you feel about yourself. Whatever the reason may have been, I’m sure that teacher still sticks out. For our kids, we want the same—we want them to have a teacher that understands how they learn,

Sensory Processing: Eye Contact

Many parents express frustration when their child does not look them in the eye. This is not unfounded exasperation. Parents, just like every other human being, connect through eye contact. One of the defining features of autism spectrum disorder is the lack of eye contact altogether. However, does this lack of eye contact mean that there is also a lack of connection?

LET’S GET DRESSED! How to Help Your Child Modify their Dressing Routine

Dressing is an important part of our daily living, it’s one of the first things we do before we start our day. Dressing requires motor planning, fine and gross motor, coordination, balance and spatial awareness. However sometimes dressing children with autism can be a challenging task. Most of the times we find it easier to dress them ourselves because it saves so much time,

Behind the Scenes of Therapy

In every office I have worked in, there has always been a common goal between therapists to help each other in providing the best care to each client. This camaraderie is seen in many different ways. My favorite example is when a client has made progress. A therapist will show off their client’s work like a proud parent displaying a perfect report card.