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Back To School Routine

Settling back into a routine after a fun, less structured summer break can be stressful. Having a routine is beneficial for both parents and kids. Routines let us know what is coming up and what to expect, how we need to prepare, and the time we have available to do other things. It is important to have a routine in place that works for your family and flows with your day-to-day. We want routines to work for us and help to simplify our lives. Here are some ways you can create a good back-to-school routine. 

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Use a Calendar for your Back to School Routines

Think about putting a calendar in place. You can use a dry erase calendar, a paper calendar, or even an electronic one on your phone. When deciding which calendar will work for you, consider who needs access to the calendar and how the entire family will use it. Will the kids need to go to the calendar to see what is coming next for that day or the rest of the week? What about others who help and are a part of routines? You can even consider having multiple calendars—a dry erase one for the house that everyone has access to for family events and an electronic one for the adults and older kids to share and keep track of activities and events. Here are some examples for you to consider:

Explore your options and see what is best for you!

Dr. Janessa Dominguez

Why are Schedules so Important to Use?

I talk about schedules a lot in my blogs. Part of that is because I find them so useful, and the other part is because they can be so easy and cost-effective to create. Schedules are different from calendars because schedules help to break down certain times of the day or specific routines. For example, you can have an afterschool schedule that includes homework, snack time, reading, and playtime. You can also have a morning schedule for the morning routine. You easily make these on the computer and print them out, you can purchase them, or you can check out our free resources to see if we have one that works for you. Laminating printed ones lets you use dry erase markers on them and helps them last longer. Check out these visual schedule cards and magnets for kids:

Try to establish this early on and be consistent. Consistency will help you and your kids learn the routines you have established. It is also important to change it up so that kids get used to changing plans and activities. For more help, contact us today or join our Parent Support Group.