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Back to School Tips and Strategies

Back to school is upon us! For some, school starts this week, and for others, next week. This can be a busy time for families. Ensuring you have everything you need, checking schedules, attending “Meet & Greets”, “Open Houses” and trying to stay grounded. When it comes to getting ready for the back-to-school transition keeping it simple is best. Here are some simple back-to-school tips and strategies that you can easily adopt and implement to make this transition smooth.

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Create Routines

Back to school can be a good time to start a new routine that works for you and your family. Get your routines down by practicing them. Not only will practicing the different routines help to transition more easily, but this will allow you to see if the routines you’ve set don’t work, need tweaking, or notice if there are skills that you need to teach your child. For example, dressing and grooming on their own is a routine that your child can practice daily. Have your child practice putting on their school uniform or clothes they might wear to school regularly and see if they can do it by themselves or if they need your help.

Encourage Independence

Promoting independence can be difficult. It’s much easier to do something yourself and do it quickly, right? Teaching and promoting independence can help free up your time to complete other tasks and improve self-esteem. Think about how proud you feel when you learn something and then can do it by yourself. That’s how your child feels when they get to accomplish something on their own. Promote independence in all areas, such as when they are: dressing and grooming, eating, and putting their toys away.

Use Calendars and Schedules

Use a calendar and schedules to stay organized and help your kids know what is happening. Knowing what to expect helps us prepare better, mentally and physically. Find one that works for you and can be easy for your kids to see. Add important dates and fun activities, too! Teach your kids how to use the calendar or schedule.

lady using an agenda and calendar to organize herself for back to school.

Going back to school is all about knowing that your schedule will change and it can be a good thing! Being ready for the changes to our daily and weekly schedule can make things a little easier to manage. Check out our latest social story for more details:

Get Organized with Checklists

Get the supplies, meals, snacks, and pick-up/drop-off organized ahead of time. Checklists can be a great tool to remember what you need to do and what is complete. Incorporate your kids into the organization. You can have them place their supplies in their backpacks after you check off what they need to have.

It can be easy to be overwhelmed and not know where to start. Find the tips and strategies that work for you and your family! There is no “one size fits all”, so start with a good system and tweak it, as needed. We are here to help. If you need help or more guidance getting ready for back-to-school contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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