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Free Summer Printables 2022

Summer is officially here! That’s right, today is the first official day of summer. While it’s good to know we won’t have a lot of traffic in the mornings, having our kids with us all day can be a little overwhelming. As parents, we can make this time less hectic and more fun! That’s why, I want to share some fun summer printables you can use with your little ones.

Free Summer Printables 2022 banner

Free Fun Summer Printables

Having a daily schedule can make things easier for parents and children. Knowing what comes next after lunch or nap time can help everyone stay on the same page. In this summer schedule, I added room for you to list top priorities, create a to-do list, and make it easy to schedule those things around the clock.

Summer printables daily summer schedule

Daily Summer Schedule

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Coloring can help your child relax and focus on staying within the lines, pick different colors, and make something of their own. This is where imagination takes place and they can express their feelings using colors and learn about animals that love the water. You can print these to take to the park, or have them ready for lunchtime at your favorite restaurant.

Summer coloring pages

Summer Coloring Pages

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mom coloring during the summer with her daughter.

Summer activities are fun! Here are some of the activities listed below, plus there’s more once you click to download.

  • Shadow Matching
  • Summer To-Do List
  • Identify the Frist Letter
  • Do-a-Dot
  • Find the Hidden Summer Items
  • Draw and Color your Favorite Summer Activities

Summer Activities

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Lastly, the summer is the perfect time to make a bucket list! Below is a list of fun ideas that you can do with your child during their summer break. If you want to make it longer, use the summer to-do list template.

Summer bucket list 2022

Summer Bucket List

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Looking for More?

If you are looking for more worksheets or free printables, please contact us and let us know! We would love to hear from you. We also offer a free consultation for first-time patients. Give us a call to schedule yours today.

kid jumping inside a pool.

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