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List of Summer Activities 2022

Summer break is here! Kids are out of school for the summer, and it’s time to figure out what to do and how to keep them busy. Looking for summer activities can be a lot of work. We are here to help!

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Here is a List of Fun Summer Activities to Consider for 2022

Summer Splash at the Pool

Gather some fun water toys and inflatables for a fun day at the pool. If you have a pool at home, you can plan a nice lunch or make some burgers with fries. Another option is finding a local pool, which might even have a water playground for small children.

Enjoy a Day at the Waterpark

little girl playing in the waterpark kiddie pool

A waterpark can be a great way to enjoy the day with different kinds of water activities. Water parks might offer different types of slides, and one person, two or up to four people can ride together!

Find Cool Animals at the Zoo

lion laying around their home.

Explore different animals and enjoy the sounds of nature at the zoo. A hat can help keep the sun out of your eyes. I also recommend wearing sneakers or closed shoes to be able to walk or run around in designated areas. Planning a trip to the zoo soon? Check out our “Visiting the Zoo” social story!

Plan a Trip to the Park

You can take games to play at the park, have a picnic, or hang out at the playground using the equipment.  Share our “Visiting the Park” social story with your child!

Explore Around in your Bike

Ride in the neighborhood, at a park, or find a trail while exploring the outdoors. Remember safety first, check out this cool protective gear for your little one.

Catch Some Waves at the Beach

Pack your umbrella and towels for a day under the sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen! You can also take toys to make a sandcastle or a football, check out these options:

Plan a Fishing Trip

Take out your fishing poles, pick up some bait, and cast your line into the water. Fishing doesn’t have to be about eating fish, it can be about spending time with your loved ones. Teaching new skills, sharing memories, and much more!

A little girl fishing with her dad.

Lastly, you can check your local and surrounding areas for activities and events. Register in advance, if possible, and create a schedule to take advantage of your time. Check out our “Prepping for Summer” blog for more information.

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