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Prepping for Summer 2022

We prepare for just about everything, and prepping for summer 2022 should be no different. With more downtime and less structure, preparing for summer can help keep things organized and increase predictability for kids. When children know what to expect, it’s easier for them to prepare for their next activity. Preparing both physically and mentally can help make activities and plans more successful. For example, let’s say you are going to the park. Your child can prepare with a hat, sunglasses, shorts, and water. They can get excited knowing that they will get on the swing, use the slide, and have time to run around. So how can we put this into practice? Let’s find out!

Sand beach with the text prepping for Summer

Create a Schedule

Create a schedule that works for your family. It can be a daily, a weekly, or even a monthly schedule, depending on what makes the most sense for you and your family. When creating your schedule try to be as realistic as possible. Make time for breaks in between and, most importantly, be flexible. Flexibility makes room for the unexpected as needed.

Plan Ahead

Plan outings and activities ahead of time. These can be added to the schedule, too, and can help reduce the last-minute stress of getting everything ready. Remember the park example we discussed above? Well, this is where the planning and expectations of what comes next comes into play. Planning ahead can make things easier for everyone in the family. Plus you get to enjoy more and more of your planned activity.

the park

Create a Budget

Create a budget for summer activities to keep costs reasonable and affordable for what works for your family. Look for local deals and specials if possible. Plan group outings if possible as many parks, stores, and activities have group discounts that you can use. When you create a budget you can even enjoy more activities because you can visualize how much you’re spending on each activity, and there might be room for more!

a little girl swimming

Involve your Kids

Involve your kids in your preparations. This can teach and promote planning, organization, time management, money skills, and critical thinking. Involving your kids in preparing for their outings, activities, and plans goes hand-in-hand with knowing what to expect. They will get more excited and even plan their own things they want to try. For example, if you plan a trip to the fair, they might have an idea of what games they want to try or what dessert they want to buy.

a family enjoying their favrorite dessert at the fair.

Involve your kids in your preparations.

This can teach and promote planning, organization, time management, money skills, and critical thinking.

Dr. Janessa Dominguez

Check out local activities and attractions in your preparations and our activities blogs for more ideas. And remember, whatever you do, have fun, take pictures, and enjoy every moment!

Kids jumping into the pool in a hot summer day.

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