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What I’ve Learned Working with Autism

I have worked with families and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for over 12 years. It became my passion to find better and more effective ways of implementing behavior analysis and improving the experience of families and individuals with providers. I’ve learned so much about compassion, commitment, and treatment progress from the families and individuals I’ve worked with. In this blog, I want to share what I’ve learned while working with individuals with autism and their families.

A registered behavior technician (RBT) during a therapy session with a child.

The Importance of Showing Compassion

Compassion is something I have written about more often recently and something that is becoming more researched, taught, and sought after in the behavioral health field. For me, compassion comes from the individuals and families I have worked with. I have a deep desire to work and help others in ways that may not be the “norm” or “traditional” way. My experience with families and individuals with autism has taught me that demonstrating compassion can make a huge difference in someone’s life!

Showing compassion and kindness can help to build stronger relationships between patients and providers/therapists. 

Dr. Janessa Dominguez

The Commitment Parents and Caregivers Have

A mother pinky promising to her daughter that she will be there.

In my experience, families with individuals with autism demonstrate an unbelievable level of commitment. From dedicating time to learn more and more about the diagnosis, to driving to and making time for, sometimes, multiple therapy appointments in one day. It is inspiring how committed families are to building the best possible foundation and future for their loved one. So many parents and caregivers make sacrifices to ensure their loved one with autism gets the care they need.

What I've learned working with Autism.

Celebrating All Progress is Key!

A lot of times when we think of progress, we think of major strides. But that’s not always the case. Progress comes in all shapes and sizes. Working in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) field has taught me to celebrate small accomplishments as much as big ones. All progress can take place at different speeds. Sometimes things may be caught on right away but others may need more time. Progress seen in individuals with autism is no different. In my experience, celebrating those small successes can make a big difference. Families also learn to pay attention to small steps toward those larger goals which can help reinforce individuals with autism. Parente and Caregivers play a big role in helping them see the changes and improvements they’re making.

Parents celebrating the success of their daughter.

Imagine working with a child or adult with autism who can’t speak, yet, but can make vocal sounds. And, after some time, this individual starts making an approximation that sounds like what we are teaching them. It is amazing to witness that progress, regardless of how small or big the progress is. 

The Journey Continues

Each and every single patient and family impacts my life in a way that cannot be put into words. It is such a rewarding feeling to be a part of the meaningful change and successes of those I have worked with and continue to work with. As I learn more and more about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), autism, ADHD, and behavioral health in general, I support and accept that each person is unique and important. If you or a loved one has autism and needs to schedule a free consultation, please let us know.