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Parent/Caregiver Involvement in ABA Therapy

Parent/caregiver involvement in ABA therapy is an important piece of the process. Not only is it necessary for parents/caregivers to be involved in the assessment phase and training sessions, but also to follow through with goals and strategies outside of therapy sessions. 

mom speaking with her daughter and getting involved outside of ABA therapy sessions.

Parents/caregivers can provide us with invaluable information during all phases of therapy. 

Dr. Janessa Dominguez

During the Assessment Process

Parents/caregivers can describe how the individual communicates, interacts with others, engages in different behaviors, and overall development.

When we develop and present the treatment plan, we base it on the information gathered in the assessment. We include data from direct observation, data from the more formal assessments conducted, and parent/caregiver input. Parents/caregivers can provide needed feedback on the goals and strategies. They can also let us know which goals or behaviors to prioritize. While we need to base our goals and strategies on evidence and scientific findings, this feedback can help us achieve common targets and outcomes. 

Sticky notes with the process of setting a goal and reaching a common goal.

Once Therapy Starts

Parents/caregivers will have scheduled parent/caregiver training sessions. These are designed to educate parents/caregivers on ABA terminology and concepts to help implement goals and strategies at home. It is important to distinguish between parents/caregivers and behavior analysts, Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), and therapists. Parents/caregivers have a specific set of goals and strategies to follow that, align but are different, from those being implemented by professionals in the ABA field. We do this because parents/caregivers should be just that—parents/caregivers. 

Mom helping her daughter draw at home to help with ABA Therapy.

Getting Feedback From Home

We also want feedback on how things are going when we meet for parent/caregiver training sessions. This helps us to evaluate and modify our approach to best meet the needs of the individual, the family, and the context. 

Achieve more by working together. A star at the top of the pyramid.

We Can Achieve More By Working Together

The more we work together, the more outcomes we will see towards desired goals. All individuals learn at different paces, so it is important to keep that in mind. It takes longer for some individuals to achieve certain targets, and we might also see that individuals meet goals in different areas at different paces. We need to be patient and consistent and continue to evaluate and modify what we are doing for the benefit of the individual. 

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