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Identify Reduce and Manage Stress

Stress. A word we can all probably relate to, especially during this ongoing pandemic. Stress can have a huge impact on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Stress can also stand in the way of doing things we set out to do for 2022. Having a family with an illness of any kind or a disability, like autism can increase stress. 

Something I learned over the last two years, is the importance of recognizing when I am stressed. Also, what triggers my stress, and what works for me to reduce stress and manage it when it does happen. 

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a yellow smiling stress ball with the label identify, reduce, and manage stress.

Recognizing Stress

Recognizing stress may not always be clear-cut. Sometimes, it’s a little headache or some tension in the shoulders that we may attribute to our posture, lack of water, or being in front of a screen all day. But for some, those could be signs of stress. Become more in tune with your body to help you recognize how stress shows itself in you. Everyone is different. So how one person may experience stress can be very different from others. Learn to pay more attention to your body, which includes mental, emotional, and physical aspects. 

Stress written in chalkboard and arrows pointing in different directions.

Identifying Stress Triggers

Identifying what may trigger stress can be challenging. Especially, if multiple things trigger stress or if it may be similar things in one category trigger stress, but all seem different. Find what works for you to identify your stress triggers. Maybe writing down what was taking place when you felt stressed, can help. For many people, there are multiple stress triggers, like work, finances, and work/family balance. Identifying what triggers stress for you can help to recognize when you are stressed, but also help you reduce and manage stress.

Reduce and Manage Stress

women trying to relax by the lake after a stressful day.

Reducing and managing stress in more effective ways can help to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Explore different ways to reduce and manage stress to see which is most effective for you. Some options to try are meditation, exercise, or a hobby. 

Tools that can Help with Stress

Planning a new month using a planner and other tools.

Remember, that what works to recognize stress, identify triggers, and reduce and manage stress may change over time. Pay attention to your body and adapt to the needed changes. Check out our other blogs for more tips, encouragement, and ideas.