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Supporting Professionals and Students in 2022

As with each new year, most of us make resolutions or set goals. We think about what we want to change, what we want to do less of, or what we want to do more of. Usually, coming up with resolutions is pretty easy. Sticking to them is tough the tough part! Receiving support and giving support go hand in hand. In this post, we will discuss more about supporting professionals and students in 2022.

Setting new year resolutions, doing the easy part first.

Setting Goals and Supporting Others

Over the years, I have realized that many of the resolutions we all come up with to take on for the year are mostly about health, well-being, self-improvement, and growth. Coming into 2022 is no different. The past two years have taught us the importance of self-care.

As a professional in the mental and behavioral health field, self-care is just as important, if not more than, professional and academic development. To be able to help others, I need to take care of myself and have the support I need. A lot of times when we think of self-care, we are focused on taking breaks, exercising, relaxation techniques, and so many other wonderful things that help us decompress and de-stress. But what about support?

a team or professionals joining in on a call waving and about to start supporting each other

Having a support network as a professional in any field is important—others to talk to, others to bounce ideas off of, others to relate to and share challenges with. Support can and should be part of our self-care routines as professionals in all fields and industries. For those of us in mental and behavioral health, that support network can really help to reduce burnout.

a students looking to get support from other professionals and students in different fields.

What is The Power Hour and Why Join?

We created our Power Hour as a support and networking tool for professionals and students who work with individuals with autism and other related disabilities across all fields. Our primary goal is to bring professionals together in a supportive environment, where we can discuss challenges, highlights, strategies, and ideas while maintaining professional and ethical integrity with confidentiality. Our secondary goal is to bring people together to meet and build new relationships.

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And because we strongly believe in the need for support for professionals and students working in these areas, we offer our Power Hour free each month. Check out our calendar and see what date(s) work with your schedule. Add support to your goals for this year and I’m sure it would be a year to remember!