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child trick-or-treating on halloween day

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Safety Tips for Halloween Day

Halloween 2021

Halloween is just a few days away. Get ready for the different costumes, haunted houses, and candy; oh yea, so much candy!!

Safety is usually a top priority for parents on Halloween—walking with younger kids, watching older ones from a distance, and checking the candy. If you have a child with autism, planning for safety goes up a notch. Let’s talk about some ways we can increase safety for individuals with autism on Halloween Day. Below we share safety tips for Halloween Day.

child with autism collecting candy on halloween day

Safety Commands

While you’re trick-or-treating, you’re going to be out and about walking around your neighborhood, a park, or maybe the mall. Teaching your child what “wait” and “come here” mean and what to do is super important. You can teach these skills at home and practice what to do when you say them. In case your child goes too far ahead or wants to go to a house for candy before you’ve got a chance to make sure lights are on, it is important that they are able to wait for you or go back to where you are. It also helps to practice these from a distance since you might be saying these from further away when trick-or-treating.

Sidewalk vs. Street

Knowing the difference between the street and sidewalk, which one is safer to walk on while trick-or-treating, and also learning how to cross the street are needed skills. You can practice these ahead of time at home and then practice outside while supervising them. It also helps to practice when there are fewer cars on the neighborhood road.

family celebrating halloween together and following safety tips for halloween day

Familiar vs. Unfamiliar People

Telling the difference between familiar and unfamiliar people on Halloween can be tricky. Most people are in costume. Show your child which costume you will be wearing so they know how to identify you. Work on who is considered to be a stranger or unfamiliar person and who is familiar.

Teach and practice any other safety tips that may be important for you and your child. And most importantly, have fun this Halloween!

shaping change wishing everyone a safe halloween day

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