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Compassion In ABA

What Is Compassion?

When I think of compassion, I think of my behavior. More specifically, how I am actively behaving in ways to demonstrate kindness, care, dignity, and empathy to those around me. Compassion is what brought me into the field. In fact, it was 13 years ago in October that I began my career in ABA. My goal has only evolved from what it was 13 years ago; to help others, bring positive change to people’s lives, and make a lasting difference with rippling, systemic change.

Compassion is what started Shaping Change and compassion is what continues to drive our path forward towards purposeful care.

In ABA, Compassion Needs to Be at The Heart of What We Do!

A woman holding a red heart, because compassion has to be the heart of what we do!

Through compassion, we focus on increasing more appropriate, desired behaviors that are significant to the individual and their family. Most importantly, our care and ABA therapy helps improve their overall quality of life. We focus on tasks that help individuals become more independent, build foundational skills, and increase communication.

At times, our goals and treatment plans may seem too direct and straightforward. This can cause a need for sensitivity, compassion, and empathy. However, we are here to change that! At Shaping Change, we want to build a collaborative relationship with those we serve. We want to build a relationship filled with kindness, care, dignity, and empathy—compassion.

Feelings, Goals and Compassion.

Often, we shy away from talking about feelings in ABA. But feelings are a part of who we are and are a part of everyday life, we are all human! Yes, even behavior analysts. Listening to the needs of our patients, their parents and caregivers, and others that are a part of the treatment team is our first step towards compassion in ABA.

Developing treatment plans that fit with the needs of the patient, as well as their family, paves the way for more effective outcomes. It also helps us come to a mutual agreement for the areas we want to work on. We want to do more than redirect, block and replace. At Shaping Change, we strive to learn, grow, and shape!

I know, that perhaps, it sounds like we speak a different language. It might feel like we learn another language when getting into the field. But moving away from the heavy jargon typical of ABA and using terminologies that make sense, can start to break down the boundaries that limit our communication with our patients and their families. This is a necessary step that helps us have more compassionate conversations.

We are Here to Help.

Contact us today and tell us your story to build a collaborative plan that meets your needs. We promise it will be through compassion, evidence-based practice, and experience.