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Fun Fall Activities!

I love fall! From the pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin-scented candles to the cooler weather. Fall brings a nice change. It does get darker earlier, but we can enjoy the cooler temperatures with fun fall activities.

Some of my favorite fall activities growing up were visiting pumpkin patches, decorating pumpkins, and hayrides. Below, I want to share some fun fall activities and creative ideas to try with your family and friends.

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14 Fall Activities for the 14 Weeks of Fall!

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch can be a fun adventure for the whole family. You can take pictures, create fun memories, and spend a day seeing the different shapes and sizes of all the pumpkins. If you live in South Florida here are some ideas on where you can go:

Miami Dade County

The Pumpkin Patch is, as you guessed it, a pumpkin patch!

Tinez Farms is having its first annual pumpkin patch!

Broward County

Flamingo Road Nursery has a pumpkin patch until November 7, 2021!

Family Farms has a pumpkin patch every weekend in October!

Palm Beach County

Pumpkin Towne opens soon on October 7, 2021!

Mr. Jack O Lantern’s Pumpkin Patch is open until October 31, 2021!

2. Decorate or Carve a Pumpkin

Get any size pumpkin you like and get creative. To decorate it you can use paint and stickers, or you can carve it out. Below are some fun ideas you can try!

3. Play in Leaves

Gather some leaves and toss them around. Practice prepositions with the leaves—throw them up, throw them forward, toss them back, and sit on them! You can also collect different colored leaves, how many colors can you find?

You can use faux leaves if you live in South Florida:

4. Paint with Leaves

Gather more leaves! You can go outside and grab some leaves from your yard or buy some faux leaves.

Make sure you have paint, paintbrushes, and paper.

Paint the leaves and press them down on the paper.

If you don’t like to get too dirty, don’t forget to put on an apron!

5. Go on a Hayride or Tractor Ride!

Going for a hayride or tractor ride can be so much fun and it can provide an exciting sensory experience. You can touch, feel, and smell the hay. During the ride, you can see what’s around your environment and feel the wind in your face. You can hear the tractor and perhaps animals if there are any around! If you live in South Florida, here are some locations you can visit:

Miami Dade County

The Berry Farm has tractor rides!

Broward County

Flamingo Road Nursery has hayrides through November 7, 2021!

Family Farms has haunted hayrides every weekend in October!

Palm Beach County

Bedner’s Farms doesn’t have a hayride, but they have tractor rides!

6. Make Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are the perfect mix of sweet, tart, and messy! You can follow a recipe to a T or get creative and make it your own. For inspiration, check out this recipe. Psst. keep scrolling for more fun fall activities.

7. Attend a Fall Festival

Attending a festival can sound a little overwhelming if you have a child or family member with autism. But it can be a lot of fun if you plan your outing with enough time and really prepare for it. Check out this video on how to prep for an outing. If you live in South Florida, check these events near you:

Miami Dade County

Tinez Farms has a Fall Festival: Pumpkin Patch & Fall Shows

Broward County

Flamingo Road Nursery has a Fall Harvest Festival!

Palm Beach County

Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market has a Fall Festival!

8. Play Touch Football

What sport is more in line with fall than football? Get a friendly family and friends game going. Find a local park, or even in your own backyard, and get some gear to get started.

9. Make a Scarecrow

Have fun and get creative making scarecrows you can hang up inside! You can also make one for a friend or family member to take home. Make it scary or make it funny, that’s totally up to you.

10. Bake a Pie

Find your favorite pie recipe and try to bake it at home. Here are some fall fave recipes I found and they all look tasty:

11. Make a Fall Wreath

You can create a beautiful fall wreath to hang on the door. Make your own or use these kits:

12. Backyard Camping

Get out your camping gear and enjoy the cooler weather under the stars in your backyard. You can tell kid-friendly spooky stories and even bring props to help you tell a great story. You can also roast marshmallows and make smores to have a sweet snack. If you need to buy a tent, I recommend the one below:

13. Have a Fall Photoshoot

Have a fall family photoshoot. You can use the faux leaves from above, the decorated or carved pumpkin, and even the wreath as part of the props for the photoshoot. Here are some other ideas that you can add to your photoshoot:

14. Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Try something new this fall and roast some pumpkin seeds. Here is a recipe you can try.

And for all those parents, caregivers, and family members who could use a nice coffee break, here is a recipe for at-home pumpkin spice lattes.

You can also check out our “Hello Fall! Social Story” to share more about fall with your kids.

Disclaimer: The information and content in this blog and any links and materials are not intended to be and should not be construed or substituted as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician and or other qualified healthcare professionals with any questions you may have.