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Parent Support Group in-session

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Benefits of Parent Support Groups

Support groups offer a space for individuals to come together and share their experiences, challenges, triumphs, knowledge, and stories. They can be geared towards a specific group and have different themes or topics. Support groups give a supportive space to be heard, to listen, and to learn from others.

A support group just for moms

What is a Parent Support Group?

A parent support group is a support group that is specifically available and created for parents. Some of these groups might be even more specific. For example, for parents of children with special needs, just for moms, just for dads, and many more. Parent support groups usually focus on parenting skills, experiences, and stories. They can also provide knowledge and information about parenting, and building confidence and empowerment.

a beautiful banner that spells out the word "support" all in capital letters.

Benefits of Attending a Parent Support Group

Attending a parent support group can be beneficial to parents. They can provide a less structured, more open format to share experiences and knowledge. They can be an open door to gain information, tips, and tools with other parents who may be going through something similar. Parent support groups can also help you build or expand your support network. They can even maybe provide you with the opportunity to schedule a play date or two for your child(ren).

Additionally, attending a parent support group can:

  • Improve skills
  • Increase sense of empowerment
  • Provide resources
  • Increase confidence
  • Let you know you are not alone
  • Normalize the situations we experience
a parent support group for moms and dads.

Shaping Change Parent Support Groups

Our monthly support groups are available in various formats and languages. We want to offer a safe space for parents of individuals with autism or related disabilities to gain more knowledge and share their stories and experiences. We have groups in-person during the week and virtual groups in both English and Spanish on Saturdays.

Our support groups are free of charge through the end of this year! We want to provide much-needed support to parents as they navigate the ongoing pandemic, manage the return to in-person school or continued virtual learning, and cope, explore, and learn more about autism diagnosis. At each of our support groups, a coordinator is present to guide the conversations and provide helpful ideas and strategies for parents who attend.

Check out our calendar for upcoming dates, and to register. It’s FREE!