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Listen Before You Speak

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between hearing and listening? Well, hearing is what happens when you hear something someone might be saying or a sound around you, but listening is paying attention to what is being said. My suggestion has always been to really listen before you speak.

Hear and listen to what people are saying!

When you’re engaged in a conversation, it helps when you focus on what is being said and only give your input when the other person is done and you have processed what they shared with you. Let’s break that down.

When you’re in a conversation:
1) Focus on what the other person is saying.
2) Process the information in your mind.
3) Ask questions if you have to.
4) Make sure you know what is being shared.
5) And then, give your input.

It’s important to remember what not to do while you’re in a conversation!

1) You should not pretend to listen
2) Be in a hurry for the other person to finish so you can give your input
3) Talk over the other person
Why? Because those negative actions are evidence that you were not listening to them and processing what they were saying.

According to Wikipedia, the act of listening involves complex affective, cognitive, and behavioral processes.
1) Affective processes: include the motivation to listen to others.
2) Cognitive processes: include attending to, understanding, receiving, and interpreting content and relational messages.
3) Behavioral processes: include responding to others with verbal and nonverbal feedback.

They say communication is key!

To effectively communicate, one must listen while the other shares what’s on their mind and vice versa. We can all improve in our communication skills if we learn how to listen before we speak.

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