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Don’t wish you had time; make time.

Often, we find ourselves wishing we had more time. More time to spend with our kids, more time to enjoy those things that make us happy, more time to sleep, more time, period. It’s good to know that time is something we can make if we are mindful of it. That’s why today, we encourage you not to wish you had time but to make time.

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How can you make time?

First, you should recognize that we all have time. If we’re here today, we can make today a day to remember. Aside from that, you can ask yourself, what are those things that you wish you could do? Those ideas you have in your mind that you wish you could start doing. Well, you can! You can bring those ideas to life by believing in yourself and setting the time to do them. It’s incredible how you can make those things happen if you are mindful of your time. It all starts there.

Making your time count

To be mindful of your time, you could get a planner, such as this one, or a calendar with a simple to-do list and a reminder section. Use this calendar to keep track of your daily tasks and to add important reminders. Having this visual will help you organize your day, your week, and even a whole month. Start writing down what you have to do, your appointments, your reminders, and slowly start adding those exciting ideas. Do you want to take your child to the park once or twice a week? Pencil it in! Do you want to cook every night? Add it to your calendar and set the time to do it. There is no limit to what you can do.

Here is a list of ideas you can add to your calendar:

  • Have lunch with your best friend.
  • Take your dog to the park or the beach.
  • Find ways to help your local community.
  • Go shopping with your kid(s).
  • Host a game night.
  • Read a new book.
  • Paint your room or the living room.
  • Open your own business.Take your nephews or nieces to an arcade.

I know what you might be thinking, “those are all nice ideas, but how can I make time for those things?” Let’s go back to the calendar. Add all your “must-do” tasks, such as work, eat, shower, sleep, etc., and, in between, write down what you want to do for that day and continue to the next day, the week, and so on.

Not everything should be set aside for the weekend

You might look at the list again and tell yourself that those ideas are good for the weekend because most people don’t “work” over the weekend. But in reality, not everything should be left for the weekend. You can have lunch with your best friend on a Tuesday afternoon; you can take your kids shopping on a Thursday. Think about those fun activities and memories you can create.

It’s time you take control of your time. Make your time count. Do the things that you wish you could do. This is just the beginning. If you start today, you can look back in a month or two and see your progress. Don’t leave it for tomorrow; make every day a day to remember!

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