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National Disability Independence Day

As we continue focusing on independence this month, we want to share that today is National Disability Independence Day. Today marks the anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 31 years ago, in 1990! The ADA provides protections for individuals with disabilities when it comes to employment and access to services.

Advancing with research and technology.

With time, we have gained more knowledge as a society and have seen advances in research and technologies. Thanks to those advances and developments, we have seen increases in accessibility and functionality for individuals with disabilities. These advances allow for more independence for individuals with disabilities and it helps improve their quality of life.

How can we do our part?

Independence is key in how we see and feel about ourselves, improving self-esteem and self-image. Let’s continue to progress in the advancement of accessibility for individuals with disabilities and celebrate #DisabilityIndependenceDay together!

Today we encourage all businesses and organizations to find ways to empower individuals with disabilities and special needs. We can do more to be inclusive and make our services accessible for everyone. Visit the ADA National Network website to learn more!

Additional Resources

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