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10 Ways to Spend Time Together as A Family

Spending time together as a family is important, but it can also be hard to schedule. Looking for things you can enjoy together as a family and planning these activities along with setting a time into the schedule can help. Listed below are 10 ways to spend time together as a family.

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The pandemic has increased our screen time significantly. Finding ways to engage and interact with each other and help us move away from screen time could be a good way to get moving and explore new things. 

Here are some ideas you could try: 10 ways to spend time together as a family.

Ride a Bike

Go for a bike ride as a family. If not everyone can ride a bike just yet, you can walk, rollerblade, or even run. Each family member can choose what they like best. You can also use it as family time to teach the little ones how to ride a bike. Don’t forget your safety gear!

women and child, mother and daughter backing together


Bake your favorite family dessert. Each family member can have a different job. You can work on reading skills, measuring and math skills, and cooperative skills. Check out this baking kit to make baking easy and fun or this baking book for inspiration.

Beach or Pool

Take a trip to the beach or pool, whether that’s a car ride away, a walk, or just a step into the backyard. Take some fun beach or pool toys to get everyone in the family to play together. The sand can be great for sensory! Spend some time playing in the sand, building sandcastles, digging, or shoveling with this convenient set

Team Sport

Choose a team sport, like soccer or kickball, and get the family together for a match. You can visit a park or do this in your own backyard. Team sports can build social skills and sportsmanship, and help teach following directions, left and right, gross motor skills, and so much more.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts can help to explore your creativity as a family and work on so many sensory components. Choose something to do together or something different for each. Explore paints, colors, textures, and smells with these different kit options: 1. DIY Wind Chime Kits 2. Craft Art Supply Kit 3. Marbling Paint Art Kit 4. 72 Projects to Create Your Own Magical Worlds.


Did someone say strike? Bowling as a family can be so much fun. Go to your local bowling alley or bring the bowling fun to your backyard. Bowling can help work on both fine and gross motor skills, focus, and turn-taking. 


Find a meal you all love and work together to make it. Each family member can have a job in cooking. Make a list of the steps and work on following directions, measuring and math skills, and safety skills. Check out this kids chef set and keep your favorite recipes in this recipe journal. And if you’re not ready to cook as a family, you can work on pretend play skills


Puzzles work on many skills, from visual perception, to colors, to shapes, and even problem-solving. Choose one of these fun puzzles and get puzzling!


Fishing can be a relaxing family activity even if you don’t catch anything. You can work on safety, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and sensory feedback. Too hot out? Go fishing in your living room.

Movie Night

Family time is not complete without a movie night. Take turns choosing the movie each week. And someone else can choose the snacks. Check out this projector and get creative with where you can have a movie night.

Not only can family time be fun, but it can also help to build new skills and maintain already learned skills. Get creative, get moving, and have fun! Spending time with family is necessary but so it taking care of yourself. Check out our blog with helpful tips: 9 ways to take care of yourself.