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Local Activities for families in Broward

The year 2020 will always be remembered for the family lockdowns, loss, mandatory masks, and early curfews. This year was more of the same, but now that things are opening back up, we see more and more activities available for families. After more than a year at home, you are probably ready to go out and engage in some family-friendly activities safely. If you live in Broward County or anywhere close to South Florida, you can take advantage of these beautiful and adventurous parks. We love the idea of being able to share local activities for families in Broward.

Here are some ideas of activities to check out in Broward County:

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is a learning center and wildlife and botanical sanctuary. It is home to many species of plants and animals that are native to South Florida. Check out their website to plan your visit. Remember to look at their calendar for any upcoming special events or activities.

Sawgrass Recreation Park

The Sawgrass Recreation Park is home to fishing, wildlife, and Everglades tours and airboat rides. When you visit the park, keep your eyes open for some of the wildlife you might see. Their website has so much information about all the fun things to do!

Butterfly World

Butterfly World is the largest butterfly park in the world. Spend the day outdoors walking through the park to see all the butterflies. Plan your trip by learning more about the park and butterflies on the Butterfly World website. Don’t forget your camera so you can take pictures!

For families with an individual with autism, create social stories to help with what to expect at the parks, talk about what you might see, hear, and smell, and mark it on a calendar. Preparation and predictability can help with the new environments to discover.

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