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Visually Engineer Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Visually engineering your home can help to promote language and communication, increase following directions, and improve activities of daily living (ADLs). Wondering what visually engineering your home means and how to visually engineer your home in 5 easy steps? Keep reading to learn more!

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visually engineer your home in 5 easy steps by hanging bookbags to show where they go

What Does Visually Engineering Your Home Mean?

Over the years we have learned that visual strategies help to teach and maintain skills in individuals with autism. These are strategies that use visual cues to teach or prompt, like visual point boards, a visual cue belt, visual schedules, and visuals to name items and objects. Visually engineering the home allows us to incorporate these supports into the home environment. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing visuals you add to your home, but they can help with different aspects of communication, directions, independence, and ADLs.

a man printing labels and clip art images to use them as visual supports

When we add visual supports to the home, we want the visual supports to be intentional and purposeful. We want to place the visual supports in areas of the home and on items or objects that the individual engages with or that we want to teach engagement with. Once the visual supports are in place, we want to make sure individuals are aware of where they are, pair what the word is that matches the visual, and teach the purpose of that visual support.

Visual supports can serve different purposes. Some may be used to teach the name of something, some may be used to teach how to request, while others may be used to teach ADLs, like hand washing or brushing teeth.

a painter using color and shapes to visually engineer the home

Visually Engineering Your Home in 5 Steps.

Adding visual supports to your home doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does need to be intentional and purposeful.

  1. Figure out what skills you want to teach or maintain.
  2. Take pictures of items or use clip art images and add the name of the item to the picture.
  3. Place the pictures/clip art with the name of the item around the home on or near the item.
  4. Teach the individual where the visual supports are and say the name out loud to pair.
  5. Reinforce the skills you are trying to teach or maintain with each visual supports.
parent and happy child after following the steps to visually engineer their home in 5 easy steps

Need Help?

The Shaping Change, LLC. staff can help you visually engineer your home. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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