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ABA is Not Only for Autism

So many times, I hear, “ABA is autism therapy”, however, ABA is not only for autism. While Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is one of the therapies that are beneficial for individuals with autism, it is not only used in the treatment of individuals with autism. There are many benefits to ABA, and it is so versatile. It can be implemented in the treatment of many other mental and behavioral health disorders and the treatment of behavior modification without a diagnosis.

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Little kid during his ABA therapy session.

ABA focuses on how we learn through reinforcement and the pairing of different stimuli. ABA aims to teach and promote skills and positive behaviors while implementing strategies to reduce undesired behaviors. The book, Applied Behavior Analysis for Everyone, is a good read for anyone looking to learn more about the implementation of ABA in a variety of ways.

Any one of us can exhibit undesired behaviors. These can be things like habits we may not like or even a reaction we have developed to certain things. For example, nail-biting or screaming when a balloon is popped. These two behaviors can be considered undesired or even negative and are not necessarily related to the diagnosis of autism or any diagnosis. But through ABA, we can work to teach more appropriate behaviors and replacement skills to reduce the nail-biting and build coping and tolerance skills when a balloon pops.

At Shaping Change, LLC., our ABA programs aim to treat the undesired behaviors present, while cultivating replacement skills and new skills to build a strong foundation for growth and development at any age. A diagnosis, any diagnosis, an individual may have, help inform our treatments and identify evidence-based strategies but does not determine whether ABA can be beneficial.

To learn more about the benefits of ABA, check out our blog: Benefits of ABA. We offer a free consultation to anyone interested in our ABA programs. Contact us today so we can better assist you.