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Learning a Little More about Autism, Every Single Day!

Individuals with autism are unique, talented, receptive, and so much more! I have been working with individuals with autism for over 10 years. There are so many things I have learned over the years and there are so many more I continue to learn. One thing that has been a constant is the increase in the prevalence of autism. With more individuals being diagnosed, it is important to increase awareness, acceptance, and education. We are always learning a little more about autism, every single day! Here are 5 things to know about individuals with autism:

1. Unique and Individual

Every person with autism is unique and individual. The way autism impacts each individual is different. Not all individuals display challenging behaviors or stereotypical behaviors.

Learning more about autism every single day. One Unique golden egg and white eggs on a wooden background representing the uniqueness of individuals with autism

2. Intelligent and Talented

Individuals with autism are intelligent and talented. Often, individuals with autism have specific interests. They usually have a wealth of knowledge about their interests, may become focused, and may put all their efforts into developing skills related to their interests.

A 12 year old kid with autism playing the guitar and smiling.

3. Sensory and Stimulation

Some individuals with autism may have difficulties processing sensory stimulation. There may be individuals that are sensitive to different sensory components, like loud sounds, crowds, smells, or even textures. And other individuals may have high tolerances to pain and not know they are hurt.

4. Communicative and Receptive

Individuals with autism may have a hard time communicating, but they do communicate. Sometimes, this communication could be presented in the form of challenging behaviors, other times, it can be limited and to meet their wants and needs, and other times it can be to interact socially with others. Regardless of how an individual communicates, they can still be receptive to what is said and how others act towards them.

5. Abled and Capable

Individuals with autism can learn, grow, and achieve. They need a support system around them to help them meet their goals and go beyond.

Smiling mother giving her black son a piggyback ride at the park. Beautiful mother carrying son on her back outdoor. Happy African boy enjoying a piggyback ride on his mother's back. Supporting her child.

Praise and support all individuals with autism. There is so much they can accomplish. At Shaping Change, LLC. we want to improve skills and highlight strengths. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you and your family. Don’t wait, give us a call to schedule your free consultation!

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