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New Year & New Goals

At the start of each new year, many of us set new goals and resolutions of things we want to accomplish in the new year. How many of us actually stick to those resolutions, though? It can be hard and the momentum and motivation can be hard to keep up, especially past January. So how can we set goals we actually stick to? Here is a list of ideas for the new year with new goals.

new year fresh start

Setting Goals

Goal-setting is a common practice in a variety of settings. When we set goals, we want to aim to be realistic. We also want to establish long-term and short-term goals. But that is not enough. We also need a plan for how to accomplish those goals. How are we going to keep ourselves motivated? How are we going to take the steps needed to meet our goals?

Let’s first discuss setting our goals. First, we want to determine what we want to accomplish. Make a list on a notebook, on your phone, on your tablet, wherever is best for you. Then, break those goals down into smaller, more easily achievable steps. Sometimes, when we look at a big goal, it can be off-putting and overwhelming. Let’s avoid that from the beginning. Once you have your list of goals and have broken them down into smaller steps, now you want to plan what you need to get them done. Do you need any special materials or equipment? Do you need to carve time out each day? Whatever it is that might help you achieve your goals and take each small step is important to lay out. Now that this momentum is flowing, we need to figure out how to keep that going and how to maintain motivation.

Keeping the Motivation

Motivation and keeping the momentum may be the most difficult part of accomplishing our goals. It is easy to get frustrated, overwhelmed and discouraged. Let’s break that cycle by figuring out what keeps us going before we even start.

Tracking your progress and using rewards can be good ways to stay motivated. Keep in mind that progress may be slow and may also have setbacks. That’s ok. Make a list of rewards you can use throughout the process. Another way to stay motivated may also be to get others involved. Sometimes having someone else or a group that also shares your goal or a similar one can keep you motivated.

And if you need a little extra help, contact us.

2021, Here We Come!